Industry Standards

Changing the Printer Setup for printing out on the
Avery 8371 Business Card system

(in other words how to accurately print 10 biz cards on a letter sized sheet)

Intro – specialty papers and labels often need custom print setups so that your design will be printed exactly on the page (card) where you expect it!

This experience will guide you through the process for biz cards, which is similar to other applications.
This will allow you to print 10 biz cards on 1 sheet!


  Follow these steps:

     1.                 First click on Tools - click on Options.

Click on General in the general heading you will see a heading saying measurement units it should say “centimeters” if not click on inches and change it to centimeters click OK on options.

2.                Click on File go to Print. 

         In Print click on Page Options. ( In Xp = Change copies per sheet )
When you’re in Page options go to Custom Options, when you’re in custom options there will be a number of headings.

Side margin to  1.9 cm
Top margin to  1.3  cm
 Horizontal gap to   0  cm
Vertical gap to   0  cm
 Your print preview and print out should look like this except much more creative as this was made in a template........... Boring!!!  (always preview your prints)


3. Click Ok to Custom Options , click OK to Page Options , click OK to Print and now your business cards are printing 10 cards to the page on perforated Avery card stock and you have set your computer to an industry standard!!