Power and units       

Force = a push or Pull                                   measured in Newtons

Work = Force over a Distance                     measured in  Joules     ( other wise called energy or Newton meters)

Power = the rate at which Energy is used     measured in Watts

Power = V x I
A 240 V motor draws 10A under load, what is the power rating?
P= V x I =
2400 watts or 2.4Kw (kilowatts)

In electrical terms power is rated in watts and some motors are still rated in horse power (HP)

746 watts = 1 Horse Power unit
example: the above motor would be rated as 2400w/750w/hp = 3.2 HP

1000 watts = 1 Kilowatt   kW
1000 000 w = 1megawatt MW
.001 watts  = 1milliwatt    mW


1000 volts = 1 kilovolt (kV) not likely to encounter this in electronics
.001 amps = 1 milliamp (mA) a very common term in electronics