There is no war ....
analogue and digital are both important electronic "formats"

Because analogue electronics preceded digital electronics does not mean it is outdated or that digital electronics is better ......
it depends on the need and the situation which is better.


We live in an analogue world of infinite coloration, shape, and sonic tonality.  Our senses detect in analogue.

Interestingly our nerve system works in more of a digital fashion. 

Pulses of voltage change sweep from our sensory neuron fibers to our CPU the brain where "sense" is made of the stimuli that come from the analogue world.


Most terrestrial AM FM radio transmissions, some telephone and cell phone systems still operate on analogue principals or combinations of both analogue and digital
Early computers where analogue they are all now digital.

When digital signals are transmitted and processed they must be converted back to an analogue signal for us to be able to perceive.

Voice creates


Satellite Receiver Ear

an analogue signal

transmits a hybrid A/D signal

relays signal
detects/processes digital signal converts to analogue and then amplifies for hearing
hears analogue


A great number of digitized signals can be transmitted a great distance on fiber optic cable (at the speed of light) without the problems of electromagnetic induction common to electrical signals traveling on copper wire.




And of course what really makes digital electronic systems so powerful is the ability to process many bits of information from once source and output the results to control or display another  motive, visual display, communication or audio device.


This is possible because CPUs can process electronic information that is in in a digital format with great speed and precision.



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