Solid State Control

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Rockwell Solid State Motor Starter Demo

Today, new motor control systems are hybrids of the high-tech digital world and the motors that transformed the late industrial revolution.

Solid state motor control combines the advances in semiconductor technology and digital logic with traditional motor design to produce superior control and very reduced maintenance (no moving parts).
Soft start ups can reduce the wear and tear on drives and other equipment associated with repeated start-up.

This solid state relay circuit shows how the variety of components combine to create a safe no mechanical method of controlling an AC load such as a motors, lights,
or heat sources.



Ladder Logic introduction to Digital logic gates and Ladder logic control     systems

Here is a picture of a PLC
system showing the computer attachment to solid state relay unit

The PLC can be programmed using the computer to operate in many ways with many inputs

Needless to say PLC is important aspect of process control and other automated systems

Smart Homes will one day use a similar system to assist in everyday living.